Hitting a Hole-in-One with How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros

So you love playing golf, but golf doesnt love you back. You keep hitting the ball the wrong way sometimes not hitting it at all and you keep missing the hole as well. Your handicap is as high as ever, not to mention the scores on your every single game are just through the roof. Instead of getting some relaxation over a round of casual golfing, you best pads for after birth and disappointment. If youre looking to improve your game and impress your friends on the green, then an instructional guide such as How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros will be a perfect best cheap charcoal grill

Who Wrote It

How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros is an instructional guide that aims to perfect your swing and lower your scores every time you play golf. It is in the form of an e-book, which means it is convenient for you, whether you want to read it from your laptop or have it printed out with half the cost as compared to buying a book with added costs. The guide was written by Jack Moorehouse, who is a longtime golf trainer. Other than How to Break 80 and Shoot Like a Pro, he has written other articles that were published in golf magazines and have also garnered some awards. His weekly golf newsletter also won the Apex Award for Publication Excellence in the year 2006. His guide was also featured in magazines such as Golf Digest, Golf World, and Golf Tips Magazine, among others, proving his manual to be a credible source of techniques to improve anyones game.

What You Can and Cannot Get

One of the great advantages of the manual is that it is generally catered to casual golfers who spend just a few days in a week on the green as compared to professional golfers who play golf for a living. While some guides and manuals include so many jargons and terms that a casual golfer might not have any idea on what it is about, How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros presents its techniques in a simple language and easy language that anyone can understand. Golfers of different skill levels, whether the weekend types or the professional ones, can definitely benefit from this easy-to-understand e-book. Some chapters include 4 Proven Techniques to Get You Into the 70s Instantly, The10 Essential Components of Breaking 80, and Dealing with Trouble Shots Now! and many others. Upon order, you can also get some bonus products along with the instructional guide, such as 25 Lessons to Improve Your Game Immediately e-book, Fit to a Tee e-book by Mike Pederson, and Secret Low Handicapper article series, and those are just 3 of the 5 freebies you will get. Should you feel dissatisfied with the guide, you are given a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros is an instructional guide that deserves a recommendation for golfers to read. Start improving your swing and make your next game the best you have ever played.


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